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Designed for easy maintenance and long lasting


Hardware Accessories


Anti Bacterial Inner Material

Kitchen Cabinets

Bacteria Growth Prevention

Resistance to boiling water

Resistance to cigarette burns

Resistance to surface wear

Resistance to acidic liquids

Resistance to dry heat 180 degree Celsius

Sizes & Dimensions

We provide all types of cabinets with different sizes and shapes. They can be used for any area layouts and account for any storage requirements.

Storage Accessories

All our cabinets are fully integrated with standardized storage accessories. They can also be equipped with lighting fixtures for counter tops and cabinets' interior.

Cabinet Doors

Natural Veneer

Cabinet Doors give your kitchen the look you seek for. They create the mood of the whole atmosphere with their shape, texture and color. We proudly offer Natural Veneer doors to give the luxurious touch and keep their looks for many years to come.

MDF Core

MDF is Medium Density Fiber sheets that is stiff, perfectly flat and smooth. We use MDF that complies with European Standard for best quality and safety measures.

Solid Wood

We make door edges with solid oak wood. They preserve the cabinet door and allow us to guarantee and label them as top quality products.

Acrylic Doors

We provide high quality, scratch resistant acrylic doors.

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Natural Wood Veneer

Enjoy the natural look, texture and color of wood veneers. They are carefully selected and chosen to give the luxurious and elegant mood. They are perfectly manufactured to live for many years.

Acrylic and HPL

Select your Modern Kitchen from a big selection of choices of superior quality door panels.  They are highly resistant to scratches and hot temperatures.

Storage Accessories

Wire Baskets


Plates Rack

Sliding Shelves

Multipurpose Cabinets

Get your Garage Storage Solution Now !

Fully Customized to Suite All Storage Spaces

New Product

Storage Cabinets

They are designed to suite all your storage needs. With the wide range of sizes and dimensions that we offer, you can set up a practical storage area for all purposes. We design and provide solutions for your garage, office, storage cells, etc.  




Accessibility & Ergonomic

Durability & 


Our Suppliers

Showroom & Factory: 680 Industrial Zone, New Cairo
Design Office: 6 Mostafa Kamel st. Maadi
Tel. 01208666051 - 01208666061
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An overview of the different types of cabinets with the main key points to know about. It will provide you with the necessary background information